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“There are some things that cannot be put into words and the magic of a wedding is one. Yet our wedding officiant, Rev. Eric Warn, mastered it. He made our wedding incredible by capturing the magic of the day and creating the romantic tone we wanted. In addition, he took the already present love and illuminated the romance in everyone’s hearts. Rev. Warn made our dream wedding possible and we literally could not have done it without him. We would recommend him to be at the top of anyone’s list.” Zak and Brittany Baker

“Couldn't be happier!! Excellent communication, organized, and a pleasure! We loved having you a part of our wedding!” David and Caitlin Nieburg


 “Rev. Eric Warn did a fantastic job officiating our wedding, he is a pro and you can tell he enjoys what he does. He also got many compliments from our family and friends. He made us feel at ease about how the ceremony would go and he has an awesome voice too. He’s charismatic and adds a touch of humor as well. His fee is very reasonable for such a top notch officiant.” Ryan Ludahl and Nicole Lazara

“Reverend Warn made our wedding day fantastic. He is very organized and detail-oriented. At our first meeting he had a list of important questions we had not thought to ask. He customized the ceremony to our wants and needs, and was quick to offer his suggestions based on his vast experience. At the rehearsal he was vital in keeping our group focused and on point. This made the day-of go smoothly. Our ceremony was heart-felt, personalized, and intermixed with humor. I can't say enough good things about Reverend Warn as our wedding officiant. We could not have had a better experience. Schedule a meeting with him now before he's already booked up for your special day!” Pete and Krista Browning


“Rev. Eric Warn, you ROCKED the ceremony as our wedding officiant. I love how involved you were from a year ago when we first met, to the rehearsal, and then to the most important day of our lives where you touched us deeply with your choice of words and blessed us with beautiful prayers. However, the best thing for me was the way you touched EVERYONE during the evening as two cultures came together, Samoan and Honduran. For that Eric, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You will always be HIGHLY recommended.” Eric and Faimasasa Solis

“Amazing wedding officiant. Amazing ceremony.” Roger and Julie Sanderson

“Wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn proved to be an excellent addition to our wedding day. The ceremony was wonderful, and many guests specifically commented how much they enjoyed what he had to say. Rev. Warn proved to be a solid, relaxing and professional presence both leading up to and during the ceremony. While we were focused on one another, we were both supremely confident that our specifically tailored ceremony would proceed seamlessly with Rev. Warn presiding over the service. With charisma, command and off-the-cuff humor, our ceremony was simply fantastic and had a personal touch that the guests loved. We enthusiastically recommend his services. Thank you Rev. Warn.” Chris and Amy Henne.

“Rev. Eric Warn did an AMAZING job working with us before the ceremony and then constructing our vows to match our personalities and style. The ceremony was perfect, with a great blend of warmth, support, sincerity and humor. We were so pleased with the whole planning process, rehearsal and final ceremony presentation. Our guests said it felt personal and beautiful. We highly recommend him to any couple.” Christian and Tara Reed

“Rev. Eric Warn was professional from the very first meeting. Because he is so experienced, we had no second thoughts about choosing him. He proved flexible regarding wedding vow revisions and was very well prepared when it came to symbolic items he used during the ceremony. We are so glad that we had him as our wedding officiant. He made our wedding beautiful and VERY memorable!” Michael and Norelle Wetzel

 “Wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn helped us transform our dream wedding into a wonderful reality! From the moment we first spoke with Rev. Warn, he put us at ease that our wedding ceremony would be heartfelt, memorable and most importantly be about us and the love we share for one another. I can truly say he delivered on all of his promises. Eric has a special gift for speaking and can really command the attention of your audience so that not only are you and your future spouse enjoying your ceremony but your guests are as well. In fact, our guests raved about our ceremony then, and still remember it now, which I believe is a great testament to our wonderful reverend. We would highly recommend Rev. Warn to any couple.” Chris and Shawna Schafer

."Rev. Warn was a fantastic officiant and we'd choose him again in a heartbeat! Here's a little bit about our story as to why we recommend him. Initially, we thought we wanted a personal friend to be the officiant. But in reality, the ceremony is just so important that it wasn't really clear to us until the rehearsal and then during the actual ceremony how much we valued Rev. Warn's experience and humor, the quality of his voice (yes, this matters!), and his ability to direct all of us (bridal party, sponsors, guests etc.) to make sure the ceremony went off perfectly. Rev. Warn put together a perfect ceremony for us that integrated some religious passages, our sponsors (Spanish/Catholic tradition), and some surprise humor that was exactly the tone we asked him for.

We wanted a fun wedding for our families but with some serious notes and we got that. For us the humor he integrated and the unexpected humor that just came from the ceremony really also lightened the mood and puts smiles on everyone face in the way we wanted. I also want to say one last thing about our original plan to have a friend be the officiant. Rev. Warn really directed everyone at rehearsal and during the ceremony and knows what needs to happen so everything is perfect. We did not appreciate how important having an experienced officiant is central to this and in retrospect if we had gone with a friend as officiant we think that would have been one of the biggest mistakes that we could have made. We're just so happy Rev. Warn was part of our wedding and much of its success is due to the quality of his craft!" Paul and Samantha Fleurdelys


“Eric, thank you for helping make our ceremony so beautiful and meaningful. Our guests absolutely loved it very much. You handled everything perfectly and with great professionalism. And despite the fact that my family did not speak any English, you were able to communicate with them and make everything as easy as possible for everyone, which we greatly appreciated. You went above and beyond and not only helped me incorporate the Bulgarian and American traditions in the ceremony but you also researched and learned Bulgarian words which you used during the ceremony, which I thought was lovely. Michael and I loved working with you. Thank you for everything.” Michael and Meggy Cline

“Reverend Eric Warn offers his clients a great balance of traditional ceremony elements plus key personal touches that are important to the bride and groom, making each wedding he performs truly customized for that specific couple. Eric also offers a great deal of professionalism; he arrives early for rehearsals and ceremonies, prepares ceremony paperwork in advance, and provides his own microphone/speaker for amplification. From a vendor standpoint, I appreciate that Eric is reliable for my clients and that he is flexible in his approach so that last-minute changes, suggestions, etc. are accommodated whenever possible.” Jenn Wenman, Associate Director of Catering, Willows Lodge, Woodinville

 “I'm so glad I found, and chose, Rev. Eric Warn to perform my wedding ceremony. He made the experience seamless and easy with the vows he wrote, allowing us to make our own suggestions/editions. He also balanced out the language with just the right amount of humor which went over great with our family and friends who gave him wonderful reviews. Thank you Rev. Eric for making our ceremony so great! It'll be something we remember and cherish forever!” Paul and Julia Simmons

“Planning a destination wedding from Florida was not easy, but wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn worked closely with us via email and telephone to ensure that everything would be perfect on our wedding day. His organizational and attention to detail skills put us at ease during both the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. His punctuality and professionalism were second to none. He is also a very talented writer and we will always remember the vows he helped us to prepare. We will certainly recommend his services to any future brides and grooms.” Jamil and Rebekah Daoud

“As a wedding planner, I have learned that one of the most helpful components when it comes to putting on a flawless wedding is having a well-organized and personable officiant to make sure the ceremony is a perfect success. Rev. Eric Warn is wonderful. He helped with greeting guests and making them feel welcome from the second they arrived at the venue. He was also there to do whatever it took to make sure the bride and groom’s expectations were well exceeded. Finally, Rev. Eric Warn did a splendid job of leading a very heartfelt and warm ceremony for our clients. I could not have been happier with his services as a wedding officiant.” Vanessa Volkman, Director, Blue Ribbon Cooking, Seattle

“Our ceremony was amazing and wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn did a great job of keeping us focused on each other and his words, even though there was so much going on around us. We both loved his idea of exchanging flowers on our wedding day and our anniversary. During wedding ceremonies commitments are made, kind words are spoken and two people are brought together, but what is sometimes missed is that the ceremony is just the beginning of the journey. Rev. Eric’s ceremony and the marvelous vows he wrote made that journey something for us to look forward to. His wonderful language also gave us the invaluable capability to remind each other of our love without having to find the right words (we loved his suggestion to place a flower on each other’s pillow in times of hardship. This is something that we, as a couple, will hold dear forever and will probably even pass it on to our children. Rev. Eric’s simple suggestion speaks volumes and for it to be offered on the most important day of our lives is a gesture we will never forget.” Alex and Lisa Pelling

“Reverend Eric Warn was great to work with as our wedding officiant. From the very first meeting, he was professional and personable and willing to tailor a ceremony to our needs and wants. Our ceremony was memorable and received many compliments from our guests. Some of the comments we received were that there was the right amount of humor and seriousness, and that it moved smoothly. It was a beautiful ceremony and we are glad that Reverend Warn was able to officiate for us. We met with a couple of different officiants and Reverend Warn was by far the best man for the task and we would recommend him for anyone’s ceremony.” Ralph and Melissa Smith


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